What started off as a couple expat musicians collaborating in open mic and jam events within Budapest, Hungary’s famous party district has since exploded into a cohort of like-minded band mates.

Founding member Jeff Joyner (US-based guitarist, singer, bassist) has been co-producing and performing with numerous well known artists, as well as hosting regular Funk/Blues-based open jam sessions in Budapest since 2015.  These improvised jam events, as well as nightly open mic events hosted by Budapest Open Mic (hosted by Gabor Bihari and Tito Slack), have been a strong catalyst for the development of many artists in Budapest.  The Serial Chillers are a prominent example.

Jeff and Tito met one late night in Budapest several years ago.  Coincidentally they are both from Ohio, USA, but they had never met until they reached Budapest.  After an initial year or so of many jam sessions, parties-that-go-till-noon, endless brotherly bickering and post-day apologies, the time came that Tito and Jeff decided to start performing together on a regular basis.  At this point they were joined officially by the charismatic James Edwards (UK) on cajon.

Filming for the 69 Song at Jelen Bisztró

From the beginning, Jeff Joyner and Serial Chillers have continuously collaborated with other artists, including Aida Rachel Qasim (vocals) and Joan Barleycorn (vocals, guitar), to name a few.  These collaborations have been highly fruitful.  As a result, the group has now turned into a large team, including 3 drummers, 2 bassists, 2 guitarists, 3 singers, keyboardists, horn players, and many others.  The Serial Chillers have become a coalition of world class musicians.

It is quite clear there are at least 8 people who can safely be called Serial Chillers, because they are part of the core “band”.  However, the boundaries of inclusion are quite flexible, and generally the term Serial Chillers applies to a much larger group of musicians and friends that includes over 50 people.

The Serial Chillers’ unique sound is best described as funky soulful party music.  There are flavors of funk, blues, rock, RnB, psychedelia, soul, and hip hop.  The Serial Chillers combine originality, excellent musicianship, and on-stage charisma to deliver memorable performances every time.

Once you see them play, you won’t forget it.

The Serial Chillers – Core Five

The Last Supper Before 69

Filming The 69 Song Music Video at Jelen